Crown Tenant Advisors provides unconflicted tenant representation to veterinarians across the United States.



Veterinary practices have their own set of real estate challenges and opportunities so it’s vitally important to partner with a real estate broker who not only specializes in veterinary real estate, but has the experience and analytical know-how to find the perfect location to protect and increase your bottom-line.

Veterinarians from around the country rely on the real estate professionals at Crown Tenant Advisors to help them with their real estate transactions.

This means that we represent your veterinary real estate interests whether they are:

  • • Renewing an existing lease
  • • Starting a veterinary practice
  • • Relocating a practice
  • • Creating a satellite  office
  • • Buying a building
  • • Purchasing land for a build to suit

“We represent veterinarians’ interests as an unbiased, conflict-free advisor that will never represent the interests of landlords, owners or investors; our responsibility is to you, our client, at all times!”


Here are the specifics of what you can expect while working with us:


  • Provide unconflicted tenant representation to dental clients whether leasing or purchasing.

  • Complete market surveys based on the needs and type of your veterinary practice.

  • Perform demographic and competition survey of the market to identify the best opportunities for success.

  • Leverage the market and minimize capital expenditures through market knowledge and negotiations. This allows us to secure the most favorable terms for your practice

  • Reduce risk in the negotiation of your lease for key lease term clauses such as: assignment and sublease language, etc.

  • Align your real estate to the strategic objectives of your practice and overall business goals.

  • Compensation depends on the specific circumstances regarding the practice. Compensation might be tied to a performance based model depending on the situation. This creates a win-win for all.



  • Assist Dr. JW with opening a new practice
  • Locate specific properties that could accommodate determined needs
  • Mitigate out of pocket expenses for a new practice


    • Provided Dr. JW with eight potential options for the practice
Total Savings of over $65,000.00

Total Savings of over $65,000.00

  • Leveraged the real estate market to encourage the landlord to provide an aggressive below market deal
  • Negotiated an aggressive Rental Rate, Tenant Improvement allowance and Free Rent in the beginning of the new lease term, mitigating out of pocket expenses


  • Tenant Improvement allowance to be used by Dr. JW to build out space
  • Large Free Rent Package to be used at the beginning of the lease term
  • Reduction of over $35,000 off the marketed Rental Rate over the term
  • Avoided future expenses by locking into a rental rate determined by a Tenant’s real estate market



“Amanda and her team at Crown Tenant Advisors were instrumental in helping us realize our dream of practice ownership. She put up with us as we searched for the perfect location, with irregular hours, and with all of our MANY requirements. Once we found a location we loved, she negotiated us a deal that helped to make the leasehold space affordable for our new startup. Amanda held our hand through the very unfamiliar process and was always professional and composed, even when we were stressed. We look forward to working with Amanda again as our practice grows and other negotiations arise.”

Jamie Cary and Kimberly S. Cary, DVM – Apex Animal Hospital

“Amanda and Andrew were an integral part of getting our veterinary clinic started. Their knowledge and professionalism in negotiating a lease enabled us to be able to afford a great location that otherwise might have been unattainable. They not only helped us with the real estate aspect of our business, but also had valuable contacts and insights from their experience working with other veterinary start-ups. I have already referred another veterinarian to them, and will be using them in the future as our business grows.”

Amy Harper, DVM – Mirror Lake Animal Hospital

“Starting a business can be quite a daunting task. There are so many decisions that have to be made with less than perfect information. Andrew was one of the few people along the way that I felt like I could just let him work and forget about it. He made the process of finding the right commercial space the easiest part of my startup. If only the rest were that easy.”

Josh Woods, DVM – Vickery Animal Hospital.

“Andrew was essential to my successful occupancy of my new Veterinary Office. We ran into pitfalls along our path, and he provided the professional input that I needed. He has been quick to respond; continues to follow up regularly; and I always felt like I was his only client. Andrew is very personable and easy to work with. I have already recommended him to others going through this “fun” process. There is a “phase two” in our plan and we would have no one other than Andrew by our side.”

Diane Dunn, DVM – Pine Mountain Veterinary