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Congratulations, Dr. Steele Johnson!


Congratulations to our client Dr. Steele Johnson, Steele Dermatology on winning Atlanta’s 2020 Top Cosmetic Dermatologist by Jezebel Magazine! We had the pleasure of helping Dr. Steele Johnson open both her first location in Alpharetta and more recently her second location in Buckhead. This award is well deserved and we are thrilled for her!

Client Testimonial: Dr. Jennifer Ray, Hitchcock Animal Hospital


Thank you, Dr. Ray, for these kind words. Mike Slattery enjoyed helping you and Greg find the perfect property to purchase for your new clinic, Hitchcock Animal Hospital, and we are all excited for you to open your doors this month!

“Crown Tenant Advisors has been amazing to work with! I had the pleasure of working with Mike Slattery in the purchase of the property for my new animal hospital. I had worked with two other realty groups and was unsuccessful at locating and securing property over a two year period of time before I decided to make the change to Crown Tenant Advisors. I was frustrated and running low on momentum until I emailed Mike; that is when everything changed for the better! Mike focused on the property options that suited the needs for the clinic I wanted to build and after a short period of time, we were able to find property in a great location that was perfect for the future hospital! From that point, Mike handled everything (negotiations, contracts, prepping me for what to expect, and was even present to assist and advise at the closing) and the rest of the purchasing process went by smoothly! Now, nine months after the purchase of the property, I am happy to report that the construction is almost complete and we will be opening our doors within the month! I could not have done this without Mike and the Crown Tenant Advisors team! Crown Tenant Advisors put my best interests first, secured the perfect property for my needs, made sure that I was educated and informed of every step of the real estate purchase process, and ultimately allowed my plans and vision for the future business to occur! A special thanks to Mike and the Crown Tenant Advisors team for all of your hard work, professionalism, and dedication!” – Dr. Jennifer Ray, Hitchcock Animal Hospital, Aiken, South Carolina

Client Spotlight: Apex Animal Hospital

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Google Review - Apex Animal Hospital

6 years ago, Amanda Lewis Riepe helped Dr. Kimberly Cary and her husband Jamie open the doors to their new state of the art facility, Apex Animal Hospital. Over the years, we have watched the growth and success of their veterinary practice and recently, Amanda helped Dr. Cary and Jamie with the building sale for their new location in Smyrna. They are moving in this week and we can’t wait to see it! We have enjoyed working with this wonderful team again and wish them continued success in their new building.

Who is representing you??!

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who is representing you

Not all real estate brokers are the same. Some work exclusively on listing properties, others work exclusively with tenants and buyers, and others represent both. It is important to understand who is representing you to ensure your best interests are protected. At Crown Tenant Advisors, we exclusively represent healthcare tenants and buyers and never landlords and sellers. This allows us to provide an unbiased approach and tough negotiations on your behalf.

Our responsibility is to protect you, our client, at all times.

Happy 11th Anniversary!

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Happy11 Andrew BW-Philosophy

On Tuesday, we celebrated our 11 year anniversary! Today, we thought we’d “throw it back” to where it all began.

Andrew Riepe, Founder and President of Crown Tenant Advisors, spent his entire commercial real estate career working with healthcare clients. After seeing how unfair the process was when tenants weren’t exclusively represented, he put his talent and passion into starting Crown Tenant Advisors with a focus solely on representing the needs of tenants and buyers. By not having property listings, Crown Tenant Advisors could remain unconflicted in their service to negotiate the most favorable terms for their clients. Still true today, Andrew’s philosophy of a results-oriented approach with no hidden agenda is the cornerstone of his company. #tbt


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Monday To Do

Now is the time to envision the future of your practice and keep moving forward to ensure you are well-positioned for it. 

  • Revisit short and long term business planning, including adjustments to your goals and budget.
  • Take a fresh look at your practice. Is it too big, too small, out of date?
  • Based on your goals and market conditions, consider if you should you buy your space, renegotiate your lease, relocate, expand, or none of the above.
  • Know where you are in your lease term. If you are 12-18 months from expiration, it is time to take action. 
  • If you currently own your building or space, now may be a great opportunity to consider refinancing debt.

We are currently offering a FREE Lease Consultation to assess your current situation and how we can help with your plans for the future.

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Google Review-C.T. Voyles (1)

We know sometimes the real estate process can take a while to ensure you are in the best fit and we will always be with you the entire way.

Thank you for sharing your experience, Dr. Ayanbadejo. We enjoyed being a part of your team and sharing your passion and enthusiasm. We look forward to seeing the success of the new Macley Family Practice & Walk In Clinic.

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Easter Google Review

Chuck Fisk always goes above and beyond for his clients – and he is friendly and professional, too! Thank you, Dr. Ott, for these kind words. We enjoy being on your team and look forward to being a part of your successful future.

Small Business Resources

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In an effort to continue to provide valuable assistance during this time, we wanted to share a few resources you might find helpful. We encourage you to read and review these guides with your financial team including your lender, CPA, and possibly your attorney.

Small Business Owner's Guide to CARES Act Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide

FAQs with Amanda Riepe, VP of Crown Tenant Advisors

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Untitled design (1)

We know you all have a lot of questions right now – and we are here to help!

Amanda Riepe, the vice president of Crown Tenant Advisors, answers some of the most frequently asked questions we’ve received lately including how to approach your landlord to get rent relief.

If you have a question you’d like us to answer, send it to:

Happy National Doctors Day

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We have the privilege of working with these AMAZING professionals every day. Thank you for ALL you do, now more than ever. Happy National Doctors Day! 


Is the coronavirus pandemic affecting your practice operations? Don’t panic. Know your options.

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Buying or leasing healthcare real estate in a booming economy can be daunting. Managing your healthcare real estate during a pandemic can be overwhelming. By exclusively representing healthcare providers in real estate transactions, we have a comprehensive understanding of the unique requirements of a practice. Typically, we are giving clients unconflicted and unbiased advice to negotiate favorable real estate terms. Today, we are offering clients unconflicted and unbiased advice to protect their practice during this crisis and helping them stay well positioned so they are ready when the economy rebounds – and there is no doubt it will.

We empathize with the unease you are feeling and encourage you to try not to panic. Instead of worrying about things beyond your control, focus on things you can do. Here are a few actions you can take:

  • Contact your business insurance agent to discuss your current policy and coverage. Specifically, review your business interruption insurance policy. While many policies exclude coverage for interruption caused by pandemics, due to SARS in 2002-2003, your agent or insurance provider should be able to confirm whether or not you have coverage. This is also a good time to adjust policies for any needs you anticipate in the future.
  • Talk to other tenants in your building or your center. Ask what they are doing to cope and find out if they have ideas that might also work for you.
  • Communicate with your Landlord. Let them know what you are doing to adapt your practice, if possible, to generate revenue (but be aware of use restrictions in your lease). Discuss options for potential rent relief. Perhaps your Landlord will consider waiving late fees, reduced rent, or deferred rent for a few months and adding those missed months back at the end of the term. Keep in mind the Landlord has obligations to meet with their lenders and depends on your rental revenue to make those payments. Also, keep in mind we may be in the early stages of this, and if your Landlord is unwilling to negotiate at this time, they may be more flexible as things progress. Landlords need to keep their tenants. They can’t afford for all their tenants to go out of business.
  • Reach out to your lender, local bank, or creditor. Discuss your current loan structures, including lines of credit, equity lines, and other available means of credit. We have been made aware of a few lenders who are providing deferred practice loan payments for a period of time.
  • Check in with to your student loan provider. There may be an opportunity to delay payments.
  • Talk to your CPA. Go over your current financial status and any tax issues you may be facing. Discuss deferral options at the federal, state, and local levels for taxes.
  • Reach out to other business partners. Call phone, cable, Internet, utilities, copier/printer services, etc., to see if they are willing to work with you. Some are giving customers special offers, discounts, and grace periods. Every little bit of relief helps.
  • Contact your attorney.  Review your contracts, leases, and policies. Have them read the fine print with you. In the future, there might be pressure on insurance companies and Landlords to provide assistance and, depending on your lease, your attorney may be able to help you through this. Ask for advice.
  • Monitor what the government is doing. This is a very fluid situation and the government response is changing daily. Lawmakers on all levels are keenly focused on developing relief plans for small businesses. We should see movement on these issues soon.
  • Research Small Business Administration options. The SBA is currently offering relatively easy-to-obtain small business loans known as economic injury disaster loans. You may want to see if you qualify.

This is an unprecedented time. Know there are many small businesses in the same position as you. Find comfort that in challenging economic times, healthcare sustains and is always one of the first industries to rebound – and when it does, you’ll be ready.

Rent is typically one of a healthcare practice’s highest fixed expenses. If you are currently leasing your space, contact us for a complimentary lease review to help determine your current situation, including potential risks and opportunities, and what options you, as a tenant, may have.

Complimentary Lease Review

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Copy of Copy of Untitled Design

With many conferences and meetings being cancelled, (today would have been the first day of the Hinman Dental Meeting) you may find you have a little extra time on your hands. Take advantage of this time to protect yourself and your practice so you are ready when we rebound – and WE WILL!

Request a complimentary lease review today.

New Dental Offices: Tallahassee Dental Specialists and Periodontics & Implant Dentistry of Tallahassee

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Rasmussen_Barocio Barocio Rasmussen

Chuck Fisk, Managing Director, Crown Tenant Advisors, has a big smile after helping this husband and wife duo open their new offices in Tallahassee, FL. Dr. Barocio, Prosthodontist, Tallahassee Dental Specialists and Dr. Rasmussen, Periodontist, Periodontics & Implant Dentistry of Tallahassee are side by side in their beautiful new space serving the Leon County area with expert care.

Persian Dental Study Club of Atlanta

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Senior Director, Jason Price, had the pleasure of presenting to the Persian Dental Study Club of Atlanta last month.

Dental Study Clubs are an excellent way for dentists to network, gain peer support, and acquire quality Continuing Education. Contact us if you are looking for a speaker for your next study club meeting.

Happy Dentist’s Day

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Ways you can observe National Dentist’s Day:
1. Thank your dentist.
2. Schedule your next preventative cleaning.
3. Pick up a new toothbrush and some floss.

Ways the Crown Tenant Advisors team is observing:
1. Helping dentists save time and money on their dental real estate (today and every day)!
2. Offering dentists a complimentary lease review.
3. Sponsoring the Slagle Dental Meeting. See our Director for Tennessee, Seth Hillis at booth #20.