Patient Portals = increased practice efficiency

And with practice efficiency comes improved patient satisfaction.  I had the opportunity to hear a healthcare consultant speak recently and she was discussing IT and patient portals.   Staff is spending a lot of time on tasks that could be eliminated and allowing their time to be better served in other capacities.

Of all the calls the practices receive, 25% of them are repeat calls.  Patients calling to followup on a call they already placed.   In addition, staff have to reenter information that the patients fill out when checking in and  registering as a new patient.   Patient portals allow quick followup communication to take place with patients and reduce staff time.  Also,  if patients fill out their forms online themselves when registering then your staff doesn’t have to waste time completing this task upon the patient’s arrival.

So where is the best place to introduce the patient portal to the patient?  Research has shown the exam room is when patients are most receptive to learning about the patient portal.   The nurse is a good person to share the information and the doctor is even better.  After all you want to do what the doctor tells you!  Portals offer more convenience for patients and in this day in age, patients (aka consumers) are all about convenience.  Think about it for your practice.

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