Monday To Do

Now is the time to envision the future of your practice and keep moving forward to ensure you are well-positioned for it. 

  • Revisit short and long term business planning, including adjustments to your goals and budget.
  • Take a fresh look at your practice. Is it too big, too small, out of date?
  • Based on your goals and market conditions, consider if you should you buy your space, renegotiate your lease, relocate, expand, or none of the above.
  • Know where you are in your lease term. If you are 12-18 months from expiration, it is time to take action. 
  • If you currently own your building or space, now may be a great opportunity to consider refinancing debt.

We are currently offering a FREE Lease Consultation to assess your current situation and how we can help with your plans for the future.

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