Capstone Medical Group’s new home

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Amanda had the pleasure of working with Capstone Medical Group for the 2nd time as they looked for a new location for their Lithonia office.  When you have excellent providers and staff, word of mouth travels fast.   They were rapidly outgrowing their current space and their future business plan required more space to accommodate the growth.    We toured and considered a variety of properties before landing on their new home.

Last spring it was hard to envision what the space would look like since the entire 2nd floor of the building was dark shell condition.  Common hallways and restrooms needed to be built by the Landlord and Capstone would help forge the way as they designed their space.  We were able to secure concessions from the Landlord to help ease the financial burden of the move so it was a win-win for all.

Today Capstone is all moved in and putting the finishing touches on their home.  The staff is thrilled with the new location since they each have their own work space and most importantly patients appreciate the flow and welcoming decor and design of the office.  We can’t wait to see their continued success.   And if you are looking for a top notch physician in Lithonia (or Decatur) be sure to check them out!


Capstone Medical Group photos


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